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Laravel Lang / Main Page / Installation / Via Composer

Via Composer

Install the Laravel-lang package to your Laravel project with composer using command from the table below based on the version of Laravel you are using:

Laravel version Composer command
Laravel 7-8 with Php Intl composer require laravel-lang/lang:~8.0
Laravel 8.x composer require laravel-lang/lang:~7.0
Laravel 7.x and new directory names composer require laravel-lang/lang:~7.0
Laravel 7.x composer require laravel-lang/lang:~6.1
Laravel 6.x composer require laravel-lang/lang:~5.0
Laravel 5.8 composer require laravel-lang/lang:~4.0
Laravel 5.1-5.7 composer require laravel-lang/lang:~3.0
Laravel 5 composer require laravel-lang/lang:~2.0
Laravel 4 composer require laravel-lang/lang:~1.0